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6 Reasons to Trust HTML 5

6 Reasons to Trust HTML 5

HTML5 development has many advantages over its previous versions making it more responsive. It has made it convenient for the user in terms of integration of multimedia and graphical content on the web without the use of third party softwares. Syntactical features like <video>, <audio>, <canvas>and other features like <header>, <article>, <nav> have enriched the value of HTML5.  Some prominent reasons for HTML5 getting popular amongst Creative agencies in India are:

Friendly interface

Websites with all the streaming videos, enthralling graphics, high definition content and what not are becoming very interactive. But what goes into making all the above work only a web developer knows. Until now the only option that the developers had to make a thing like this work was to use third party tools or programs like flash, silver light etc.; increasing the time consumed and also the complexity of the application, but with HTML5 in market the problem of plugins or third party to develop interactive web design has been solved as the elements like video, audio, or anything other which makes the application rich have been included in the single interface of HTML5.

Standardized codes

HTML5     uses standardized codes for the elements like headers, navigation, footers, video, audio etc making it easily traceable and convenient to find their role and importance in the whole program. This use of elements with tags and standardized codes has increased the semantic value of the program by manifold.

Uncomplicated applications

HTML5 has launched many features and application as part of itself, with the main purpose of troubleshooting the problems with help of elements like drag and drop tools, wikis, discussion boards, etc.

Intricate forms

It gives the developer the tool to elegant forms which are uncomplicated and decrease the dependency on JavaScript. This enhanced user interface in HTML5 makes form validation unique to HTML5 and also different type for text input, search and fields with different purpose.

Improved cache

The problem of insufficient or bad cache which the browser faced problems with made it difficult for offline search as the pages gone through in the previous session simply do not load because of insufficient cache in the offline mode. Html5 has handled this situation very smartly wherein choice has been given to the web developer to choose the elements that one wants to be delivered as cache in the offline mode. This is useful in the way that pages can be viewed in offline mode as well as files load faster decreasing the stress on server.

Reduced cookie size

Cookies where used to track the user data but overtime their disadvantages have swelled which needed immediate attention. To this HTML5 has provided a solution in its application by reducing the size of the cookies and compartmentalizing the storage differently for session and local storages instead of cookies. This is also helpful in a way that it helps storing structured data temporarily in a permanent application.

These are just few major useful techniques used in HTML5 development; it is much more than this. It is speculated that the html will be finished by 2022 innovating the web development techniques for better; well the creative agencies in India have kept the bells on!

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