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Best Website Designs for E Commerce Website

Thanks to the deep penetration of the Internet, eCommerce sites have become extremely popular. People from any part of the world can get onto such a site and buy anything they want. That is why having a well-designed eCommerce site is important. It helps the site to stand apart from other similar eCommerce websites and make the online shopping experience simple and fun for customers. This is what a web design agency endeavors to achieve when designing a eCommerce website.

Best Web Design AgencyUnderstanding the Target Market

It is important for web designers to understand the target market that the eCommerce website and can involve a fair amount of research during the life-cycle of the project. A well designed site will take the visitor to the right page with a maximum of two clicks of the mouse. This is primarily done to ensure the visitor finds what he needs quickly. If this does not happen, the visitor will leave and go to a competing website. At the same time, a lot of consideration is given to aesthetic appeal of the website. A website that is pleasing to the eye is more preferable to a website that looks untidy and disorganized.

Hence, when it comes to creating a eCommerce website, the design element is very important. It should be user-friendly, allow easy navigation and make the buying process simple and easy.

Basics of the Designs

Some of the important elements that an eCommerce website should have without fail include:

  • A product catalog wherein each product being sold on the site has a description, photographs of the product, price and delivery options
  • A shopping cart that allows visitors to save the products they wish to buy until their visit comes to an end
  • A search box that allows visitors to search for the products they are looking with ease
  • A checkout system where not only secure online payment gateway is present but also where customers know what they are paying, the items they are buying and when will the items be delivered
  • Finally, there is the all-important back end system for the owner or administrator of the website to manage inventory, mark prices, monitor transactions and facilitate shipping of the products purchased by customers.

Examples of the Best Website Designs

With so many eCommerce websites, it is not very difficult to pinpoint some of the best website designs.

Kershaw Knives: This eCommerce site sells high-quality knives that what is great about the site is its simple but aesthetic manner of showcasing its products. The website uses a good filtering system on its catalog page. The list of filters is displayed in columns in the form of large view-ports to maximize the usage of space. Furthermore, the filters then translate into smaller horizontal list that can be scrolled easily, giving viewers a view of the product off-canvas.

Salt: This website is about selling surfboards in New York City. What makes this eCommerce site stand apart is its homepage, which features a full-canvas image. It is beautiful, interesting and appealing. Of course, the homepage being graphic heavy can take a little time to download, but this is offset by the minimalistic design of the internal pages.

When designing an eCommerce website, the web design agency will take many different aspects and elements into consideration and come up with a design that is best suited for the type of product the store is selling. This is based on comprehensive research and ingenuity. That is why it is important to select an agency with care and due diligence.

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