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App and Game Development

Smartphones are in high demand nowadays as they are a storehouse of miscellanea apps and games. Game and app development companies are on a boon now a days! Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows represent the face of modern day world. From juvenile youths to business professionals, each and everyone uses smartphones for various purposes. Younger lot appear to be more interested in amusement apps while professional people demand apps related to business. Image

However, mobile games on any platform are famous almost among all the people irrespective of their age and profession. Games act as a trump card amidst busy work and hard study life. Games have been always treated as a sizzling brownie as compared to any other mobile applications. Mobile gaming since generations has persisted as a never dying genre but with the advent of iPhone in 2007, games and app development acquired wings!

Customer behaviour has varied impressively after the advent of mobile apps. Since myriad people are shifting from accessing internet from desktop to smartphones, is striving hard to carve out a striking track record in developing mobile applications for a large number of organisations. is on the right path and determined to deliver the most innovative games and apps using futurist technologies. With a highly specialized and experienced team of game developers, is well equipped with the panache for developing the customized app or game for you.

Our team is proficient enough to comprehend your idea and deliver dazing games out of it. Our advanced eye for discrimination helps in distinguishing your expectations and requirements. We take pride in ourselves by assisting our customers to save their precious time and valuable money with the aid of our cutting-edge technology. For instance technologies like Accelerometer and Gyroscope are a treat for iPhone game and app development.

At Miracle3, we develop mobile apps and games for all the platforms iOS, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows to enhance user engagement, increase brand awareness and yield more profit. We are Chandigarh based one of the leading game and app development company satisfying our esteemed customers from more than 8 years.

We have a highly experienced app and game development team which is focused on delivering high value and innovation products for you and your clients. Our motto is simple, we design amazing apps for all the platforms to fully engage your customers and win over potential buyers into paying customers. The technical team at Miracle3 utilizes its rich experience to transform your ideas from raw concept to a stylish working game through UX/UI design and development.

Explore and experience our extensive cost effective range of app and game development solutions and select the best app for your device. Work with the finest app and game developers of the industry and get the best solution for your crazy idea! Contact us now-We would love to hear from you..

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Emergent need of discouraging Black Hat SEO

Miracl3 is USA based Digital Marketing Agency . We offer top level SEO SMM, SEM,Web designing and development services and here we are discussing about black hat SEO.  Black hat SEO is an unfair or unethical way of search engine optimization. Despite the factor that it drives or directs a lot of traffic towards the website wanted or unwanted. It might earn you points in gaining search engine based popularity but not content based respect.


It misleads the search engine interface and misinterprets the content that is irrelevant to the website content. It can be initiated in the engine by not following or compiling with the binding rules and regulation of the search engine, by using certain SEO techniques which will create a unwanted user experience for the website, which is again irrelevant or not appropriate to the search. Misinterpretation of content can be any form visual or non visual.

It was considered a fairly descent and acceptable or ethical practice until the time it started being used an as unfair means of search engine optimization.

It was exploited and produced content that was not up to the mark or misleading in many cases which lead to it being considered as an illegitimate practice.

Despite this it is still very popular but again it has many disadvantages, it can give your website short term popularity and ranking until it is found out and labeled as spam. This can lead to severe penalty by search engines. It is not the ultimate solution to the problem but only a temporary one, it hampers the user experience related to the site which can turn negative.

How black hat SEO can be spotted.

Loaded keywords

The content should be accurate to the web site with keywords used strategically rather than just loading keywords in the content without relevance. Content should be unique and justifying or else it will harm the user experience as well as reputation.

Secret content

Hidden links, non usable links to graphics or other content or text in same color as the background, text that cannot be spotted etc is one of the most common ways of creating black hat SEO. This should be avoided at all costs.

Unreal content

Content that is repetitive or is copied or is not relevant comes into the category of black hat SEO. These are generally misleading or insufficient or patch work of different pieces of writing which can be easily caught by search engine webs and labeled as unethical or not genuine and will in a way affect website status and reduce its ranking. Hire professionals with copy write content to have quality content on your website.


Tricking users with irrelevant content and creating misleading write-ups can contribute to considerable loss to the reputation of the site and drop its ranking. Create uniformity or cloaking in your web content which is easily understood and reflected upon by the user to create genuine ranking.

Black hat SEO however useful to generate or direct traffic to the website is a disrespectful practice which can harm user experience and ultimately your ranking. It is a matter of time till such websites are spotted by search engine webs and penalized. It is always advisable to be on the saver side.


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